Certainty, Safety, Growth, St. Columbanus AG Opens Asset Management Firm in Switzerland

29. April 2011, Buehler, Switzerland

St. Columbanus AG, the Swiss-based asset management firm, has announced its opening in May 2011. The firm provides a safe haven for assets in the midst of the continuing global financial crisis, a service that appears increasingly important in the current European context of fragile peripheral economies, and an unstable Eurozone banking sector.

Working within the stable and secure business environment of Switzerland, St. Columbanus AG is building upon the country’s long history and strong foundation of financial services talent to create a sound and transparent approach to capital preservation and asset protection.

St. Columbanus AG understands that clients have worked hard to attain their financial goals. Each client deserves an opportunity to ensure that their assets will be there for their family and their business in the years ahead. To this end, the firm offers conservative, high quality financial products and services in line with its principles of certainty, safety, and growth.

St. Columbanus AG is committed to a long-term vision for economic vitality based upon sound business practices in order to create the commercial opportunities for growth and development necessary for a strong European future.