St. Columbanus was established to serve the US residents’ investment needs in Switzerland as well as those of US nationals currently residing in Switzerland.  While both publics have US based alternatives for investment management, the reverse, investing from Switzerland for clients in these circumstances has recently been less straightforward.

The decision to work with a Swiss based asset manager is a choice that clients make either for convenience (US nationals in Switzerland) or in the pursuit of additional diversification (US residents and nationals).

Investing from Switzerland provides clients with the additional diversification afforded by  an investment asset selection not usually or easily obtainable from a US based broker, a familiarity with transactions in multiple currencies and the peace-of-mind that comes with working with custodians who cannot rehypothicate client assets.  The Swiss financial environment is sophisticated and has a long tradition of strong banking supervision.

The decision to work with St. Columbanus is a choice made by both client and investment manager after a process where client objectives are matched with St. Columbanus’ strengths.  The expectations and costs of both parties are clearly spelled out and in the event the client is not satisfied, easily terminated at no penalty to the client.