St. Columbanus is a Swiss Asset Management Corporation duly regulated in Switzerland in accordance with the Financial Market Supervision Act and registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  St. Columbanus is focused on serving US nationals and residents with personalized wealth management solutions.

On the assumption that investor risk appetite is neither easily quantifiable or solvable with a universal answer, St. Columbanus works to create a customized investment solution that best suits its clients’ individual profile and parameters.  The objective of a relationship with St. Columbanus is to enhance or optimize the client’s diversification objectives in the context of his individual circumstances.

Starting as a service provider to a single family office, St. Columbanus has extended its offering to a larger client base with the goal of increasing scale and lowering costs.  Its mandate is to provide sound investment advice and wealth planning in full compliance with the disclosure required by financial and fiscal authorities.

In order to achieve its goals St. Columbanus provides discretionary and non-discretionary asset management services and will partner with other asset managers if this is in the client’s best interest.  The nature and relationship of any co/sub-advisor arrangement, if appropriate, is jointly evaluated and assessed by St. Columbanus together with its clients.